Real estate activities

Our principles

Since 2009 3D Real Estate has presented itself as a specialist in real estate development projects creating a new future for valuable places in the city. In this way 3D Real Estate answers to the social challenge of revitalizing free space in the city and handling with care the remaining green areas. The real estate division, managed by Peter Verlinden, has a compact and professional team with a clear focus on flexibility, decisiveness, expertise and fast decision lines.

Common thread throughout is building in a sustainable and engaged way, honoring the past, paying attention to the actual needs and taking up responsibility for the future of the city.

Investment focus


3D Real Estate is specialized in reconversion projects, whether in cooperation with private and/or public partners. We focus on residential projects that often have a mixed character by integrating both retail and offices. 3D Real Estate always teams up with carefully selected partners and top-level architects, such as Robbrecht en Daem, Diener & Diener, Wirtz, …


Supported by the financial strength of 3D Investments, 3D Real Estate actively looks for real estate developments in which it can demonstrate its knowhow and entrepreneurship: complex projects demanding a special approach to reconcile old and new. 3D Real Estate wants to have impact on the city: long-gone glory revives, old sites and commercial buildings are given a new destination and become attractive to live, work and shop in.

Investment focus

Geographical focus:

Currently we are active mainly in Brussels and Flanders. We focus on cities and urban environments and prefer location with a rich – sometimes even archeological – past, which we skillfully transform into a new and flourishing destination.

Type of real estate : residential – retail – various